Toronto Bellydancing Fees

Many potential clients wonder why the standard fees for a Toronto Belly dancer starts at $200 for 20 minutes for a party.  It seens a lot for 20 minutes.  Well, the actual performance is 20 minutes, but the work is not.  For a bellydancer to perform one 20 minute show, it is approximately 4 hours of her time.

To prepare for a show, it generally takes 2 hours.  The belly dancer has to stretch and do her strenghtening exercises to prevent injury.  Then she has to do her hair, nails, and make-up and eat a nutritious snack or meal to give her energy to perform.  That in itself is 2 hours.

Then there is travel time.  Depending on where the gig is, the average minimum amount of travel time there and back to the gig is about an hour.  Albeit a 20 minute performance, the bellydancer is at the gig for about an hour.  She has to change in and out of her costume, set-up the music, and deal with her clients.  This takes time.

As well, a professional Toronto bellydancer has to constantly take dance classes as part of her professional development and keep buying new costumes.  This costs the dancer a lot of money on her part.  At some point, a professional belly dancer will need some form of physical therapy to maintain her body or deal with an injury.  That comes out of her pocket.

Considering the time put into a performance is about 4 hours, the cost of professional development and maintainence, $200 for a show is very fair.  The client is not just paying for 20 minutes of a bellydance performance.

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