Client Satisfaction

Pleasing your clients is very important.  In the arts, the best business is repeat business and word of mouth.  Keep your clients talking about you positively and your gigs will snowball.  Client Satisfaction is not just bellydancing a great show.  As a Toronto bellydancer, I go above and beyond the performance.

Often first time clients are surprised at the fee for a Toronto belly dance show.  I explain to them that as a professional dancer they are getting my fifteen years of experience and my twenty years of dance training in a twenty minute show.  As well, I let them know that the preparation for the show, which is vital for a great performance, takes more time than the show itself.

Even though belly dance shows are typically , I ask the client if there is a special song that they want me to include in the set. People like to listen to songs that are endearing to them.  As well, I inform them of the various props I use and include them in choosing which ones I will use for their show.  And most importantly, I am polite.  I do not act like I am the star and give them diva attitude.  I am greatful for their business and conduct myself most humbly.

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