Better Sleep, Better Toronto Bellydance Show

Our culture promotes caffeine to get us through the day, or night, for most bellydancers. The average adult needs 8 hours of sleep a night and a nap during the day to perform optimally. The siesta was established for good reason.The fake awake of caffeine, with its inevitable crash, cannot replace natures refreshing sleep.

I used to work all day, dance 2 to 4 shows at night. I could barely function and my bellydance performance suffered. Once I started taking naps after work before I went to bellydance in Toronto, my shows had more energy.  So, incorporate a nap into your prep for your Toronto belly dance gigs. It is simple. Paint your finger and toe nails and nap for an hour while they dry. Warm-up, put on your make-up and bellydance your hips off!!!


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