Bellydancing Postpartum

Being a new, first time mother, I haven’t had the time to blog.  Now that I’ve got a  groove with my wonderful four month old boy, I can write about my experience coming back to belly dancing.

Since I didn’t dance for a few months, I was quite rusty as a bellydance performer.  Having a natural childbirth with a doula and midwives, I was able to start back to belly dance classes at six weeks postpartum.  If I had a cesarean  I would have had to wait three months to recover.  Regardless, there was no way I could have jumped back to regular performing.

The old adage, “Use it, or lose it,” is very true.  After bellydancing professionally in Toronto, Canada for over a decade, I had to ignite my belly dance muscle memory post birth.  I felt like a beginner student again.  After taking class for two months, I started performing again.  Now, four months after giving birth, I feel like a natural bellydancer again.

Oh, and I really need to “big up” breast feeding.  Breastfeeding works wonders  at getting back to pre-pregnancy shape.  And of course, it’s the best food source for babies.


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