“Belly” Eden’s Belly Dance Music Video

Check out Toronto Belly Dancer’s, Eden, sensual music video “Belly”.

This empowering song speaks to Eden’s experience as a belly dancer.  Eden was the executive producer of this song under her company Eden Productions & Entertainment.

BELLY  (Eden Fieldstone © 2010)

Lyrics written by:  Eden Fieldstone, Lorraine Lawson, Trust Chen Pow, and Mason Morris

Story and Concept by:  Eden Fieldstone


You look at me

No need to tell me what you’re thinking

I’m not what you perceive

My dance is here to enlighten

You come to gaze

to lose yourself for a moment

In my maze

of rhythm and mmm


Always wanted to trip overseas

Seeing you move is like a fantasy


Don’t know what you’re expecting

Just doing my thing, did I cause an ahhhh?


Okay, can we be friends?

Move too fast, can we chill then?


Please be creative

Heard it before

Let’s be innovative


Can you feel my fire?

It’s not about desire

I’m here to inspire with my belly

Can you see it in my eyes?

There’s no compromise

I’ll take you by surprise

with my belly


Watch my curves flow

As I snake my way across the floor

This is my show

All are welcome

come through my door


I’m a charma

like Obama

I’m the urge you want to know

I’m the wind

Comin’ in

Can you feel my embrace your soul?


Okay, was a little excited

Got a video shoot

I would love for you to vibe it

Thanks, but I got a video

where I’m the star of my show


Let’s not get all celestial

The way you shake your body is sexy though


You still got my attention

We could move in the right direction



I don’t think know what you’ve girl

what you started

I don’t care, I’m having fun girl

Pleasure is pain and I can attest

The way you’re shakin’ them hips

is giving me cardiac arrest

Boom boom

The way you hit me

Ah ah

I’m feeling tipsy

Last call aboard on the love train

Acting stupid cause I’m thinkin’ that she wants the same

But everybody knows she’s only here to entertain




Watch me move

Feelin’ my groove

Hearin’ the lute

In the mood

It’s what I do

Playin’ the lute4

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