Audience Participation

Being an established Toronto bellydancer, over the years, I have noticed that some audience members seem to be intimidated to dance with the bellydancer.  It is usually from women who often say a version of, “I am not as good as you.”

I find this a bit sad because when a belly dancer asks a patron to dance, it is just for fun.  No one is expecting them to be “as good as the bellydancer”, and no one should care either way.  The point of dancing with the belly dancer is just to have fun.  There is no need  for anyone to feel the pressure of competition.

I appreciate that it may be intimidating to dance with a professional, but rest assured the belly dancer is not judging you.  She has no expectation of an audience member to whip out some awesome moves.  The bellydancer just wants you to enjoy yourself and dance freely your way!

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