Audience Etiquette

Sometimes audience members seem to lack common sense etiquette for the performer.  Being a working bellydancer for over a decade I have come across plenty.  The most common is men dancing too close to the belly dancer, not staying a respectful distance away.  When the dancer asks an audience member to dance, she is not asking them to grind gyrate their pelvis into hers.

Another common etiquette issue is tipping.  Yes, tipping the bellydancer is customary.  There seems to be some people who think this is an opportunity to cop a feel.  They aim to  put money in the belly dancer’s bra.  There are other ways to tip a belly dancer. You can slip it in the top of her skirt or simply hand it to the bellydancer and let her decide where to put it.  i’n my opinion, this is the classiest and most respectful.

Last month, when I was in the middle of performing, the DJ was having trouble with the sound system and thought it was my IPOD.  To deal with this, the organizer came right up in front of me, blocking the audience’s view, and point blank asked me to give her a CD because the volume isn’t loud enough.  I was stunned.  She was ruining the show more than the lack of volume from the music. I kept dancing and just told her to turn up the volume, but she kept coming up to me asking me for a CD.  You would think a DJ would know how to operate an IPOD so that the volume is reaching the audience and you would think it is common sense to not talk to the performer, blocking her, while she is entertaining.  And to boot, a woman walked across the stage, in front of me, to go the the bathroom!!!!

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