As You Eat, So Is Your Show

As a Bellydancer in Toronto, the age old saying, “You are what you eat,” can be translated as, “As you eat, so is your show.” Food that energizes you, energizes your show.  So hold off on a big plate of pasta…unless you want to become the new up-and-coming Toronto belly dance performing artist who sleeps on stage!

So which foods really fuel the body and rev up your show.  Being a Toronto belly dancer for the past 15 years with back-to-back gigs, I have always found that a meal rich in protein and no heavy simple carbs is the best. I forgo white bread, pasta, pita, etc…I eat meat protein and greens.  For me, this is very easy to digest.  I especially find that red meat gives me a surge of energy.  Some people find the opposite.

Recently, I was feeling run down.  I had my last gig of three and my legs started feeling weak and tingly.  I was so tired. I didn’t know what to do.  I had to get energy fast.  I asked for a glass of orange juice and vavoom, life force returned and I put on a high energy show.

So, protein, juice and NO HEAVY CRABS!  Us professional Toronto bellydancers don’t want to put our patrons to sleep.

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